Percentage Does


PAB Shady Acres Boer Goats B137 (10635569) - 88% Traditional Boer

Annie, 2012 model is Gwen's sister.  Annie has produced keeper quality kids everytime.  She is a beautiful doe that is very strong in her topline and hardy.  She is a very attentive mother with ample milk supply.  Lines go back to Tarzan T66(ennobled), Mojo Magic (ennobled) and Kaptein (ennobled). Teats 2x2.  Annie is a fabulous mom with ample milk supply to feed triplets without supplementing them.



T & H Boer Goats THG2 Kiss This (10733305)

Kiss is a  2016 model 50% red dappled paint doe out of a big broody commercial doe by BA CSF Kiss Me on the Lips who was a cross of Bon Joli CrackerJack ennobled and Chesnut Spring Farm Doe line including Cat Daddy ennobled.  

Click on picture for pedigree.

Bred to Merlyn's Diesel for spring 2019.  SOLD


PAB Shady Acres Boer Goats B124 (10635581) "Dixie" 75% Traditional Doe

Dixie, 2012 model, is strong over her topline, standing square on all fours, an excellent mother, in a very eye appealing package.  Everything you look for in a percentage doe!  She produces a ton of milk and raised triplets on her own.  Lines back to Kaptein (ennobled), Mojo Magic (ennobled) and Tarzan T66 (ennobled). Teats 2x2.  Dixie is our easy doe on the farm.  She leads and handles like a dream, very laid back and she routinely raises triplets with great gains.

 Retired to live her life here!


PAB Shady Acres Boer Goats B136 (10635571) 88% Traditional Doe

Gwen, 2012 model,  is an outstanding example of a percentage doe!  She consistently raises our largest and fastest growing kids. With some Nubian blood in the mix she develops a huge udder and produces alot of milk.  So far at 5 years old her udder still looks great and we look forward to many productive years to come.  No ennoblements on her papers but she has lines back to Tarzan T66 (ennobled) Mojo Magic (ennobled) and Kaptein (ennobled). Teats 2x2

Retired to live out her life here!  John's favorite goat!


Merlyn's Southern Charm 88% (10751171)

Charm, 2017 model, 88% traditional doe out of PAB Shady Acres Boer Goats B124 (Dixie) by CERT Hotrod Hank.  This beautiful doe is exactly what we had hoped for in this cross.  Long, level and wide with good pigment, bite and 2x2 teats.

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