Merlyn Acres Boer Goats
and Welsh Ponies

Located in Long Island, Virginia

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ABGA Boer Goats and Welsh ponies

Merlyn Acres is a 65 acre farm located in Long Island, Virginia.  We run a small herd of ABGA registered Boer goats with an emphasis on quality, confirmation and hardiness.  We strive to produce goats that will perform well in the show ring and pasture.  Our goats are expected to be goats and they spend the majority of their day grazing and browzing with minimal grain.

We strive to raise and sell ponies with good confirmation and temperaments that are sound and kid friendly.  Home of Merlyn and MRYN prefixes.


Kids due fall of 2018 and Feb 2019

We have full blooded, purebreds and percentages does bred to Merlyn's Diesel (10751172) and BUGS Hollywood (10726136) for spring 2019.  

Plan to breed Merlyn's Four on the Floor to a few does in the spring of 2019.


Herd Sires

We have three full blooded DNA tested Boer Bucks.  Our senior herd sire is BUGS Hollywood, pictured at 25 months old. Our junior herd sire is Merlyn's Diesel and Merlyn's Four on the Florr. Our bloodlines include: SGR Klondike (ennobled), HBS Absolute (ennobled), B2N Back 2 Nature Polar Express (ennobled), Ward's Cat in the Hat X111(ennobled), GJT1 A1 Chicken on a Chain (ennobled), MCR Reloaded Ammo (ennobled), and CBW Choc-o-lot (ennobled) to name a few!

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